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School Staff

Office Staff    
Maria Ostendorf Principal
Teci Jarnagin Dean of Students
Lori Whitney Administrative Assistant
Tami Garmeson Administrative Assistant
Melanie Thompson Administrative Assistant
K/1 Classrooms    
Debbi Oliver Glacier Classroom Teacher
Carin Cox Glacier Classroom TA
Corey Weber Yellowstone Classroom Teacher
Amanda Nguyen Yellowstone Classroom TA
Nancy Ragan Crater Lake Classroom Teacher
Brandy Bauer Crater Lake Classroom TA
2/3 Classrooms    
Brittany Akinaka Joshua Tree Classroom Teacher
Kam Budwal Joshua Tree Classroom TA
Susan Axtell Yosemite Classroom Teacher
Marla Watkins Yosemite Classroom TA
Erin Bethune Lassen Classroom Teacher
Sharon Cuva Lassen Classroom TA
Amy Hansen Lassen Support TA
4/5/6 Classrooms    
Kalyn Roberts Chaco Canyon Classroom Teacher
Sara Wilm Chaco Canyon TA
Lauren Davidson Denali Classroom Teacher
Mary Giambo Denali Classroom Teacher
Sara Sotomayor Denali Classroom Support TA
Anika Greene Haleakala Classroom Teacher
  Haleakala Classroom TA  
Christina Marsh Franklin Channel Islands Teacher
Dean Larosa Channel Islands TA
7/8 Classrooms    
Jennifer Foxx-Smith Zion Classroom Teacher
  Zion Classroom TA  
Carrie Joyner Acadia Classroom Teacher
  Acadia Classroom TA  
Club M    
Kim Wilkinson Club M Coordinator
Lela Lundsford Club M Staff
Reelaiah Israel Club M Staff
Amy Hansen Club M Staff
Acxa Garcia Club M Staff
Stacey Cronin School Counselor
Physical Education    
Stephen Hang Physical Education Teacher
Special Education / Library /SIPPS / Read Naturally    
Jessica Sauve Special Education Teacher
Tisa Cassidy Special Education Teacher
Debbie Ulbrich Special Education Teacher
Lianna Kovar Special Education TA
Jon Cuppy Special Education TA
Kim Wilkinson Special Education TA
Amber White Speech and Language Pathologist
Julie Reynolds Speech and Language SLPA
Heidi Lockett Occupational Therapist
Acxa Garcia Math/Reading Support
Elizabeth Avery-Hammond Math/Reading Support